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Barb Hartmann (King)

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Julie Hill

Barb, Pam Siems '78 and I spent alot of time together that Spring of '77.

Some memories of my time with Barb:
Hanging out in the parking lot during lunch break;
Driving to Gumsrud Park to chatter and hang out;
Going to the DQ for sundaes and FF's;
Senior's Day - we were probably the last two seniors
on campus when we sauntered out of the building
during lunch and took off in her jazzy car. We both
got only a half-day penalty while everyone else got
like a whole day, eh?
Watching Barb learn to drive her jazzy car with the
stick shift was a hoot! I swear we must've busted
the eardrums of every person within a two-county
radius of the country road we were driving on when
she made a smooooooooth transition for the first
time! What a hoot!
I have many many more memories but these'll do for now.

Mostly, I owe Barb and Pam a huge thank you. The two were instrumental in my decision to go to Gallaudet College. At the time I wasn't too keen on going so far east. But they were both so excited about sign language and the adventures I was going to have that their excitement rubbed off on me. If you're wondering, yes "Gally" was everything they thought it would be for me AND more! Way.

I miss Barb every day.

Where is Pam?? Does anyone know?

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